Can I run a single WP on a subdomain from a WP MU? (2 posts)

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    Is it possible to start a "single" WP (located in a subdomain) in a WP MU installation (located in the root), and then have access to everything that works in a "single" WP installation?

    I'm evaluating the use of WP MU as a frame for my websites http://www.stjerneforum.dk. Stjerneforum.dk will be an entrance to 3-4 other subsites.

    I would like to use the same theme for root and subdomains but it's running featured content gallery, and it does not work with WP MU!

    My plan is to shift the current "normal" WP installation http://www.stjerneleder.dk to a subdomain under http://www.stjerneforum.dk + create 2-3 other sub-domain-WP installations under http://www.stjerneforum.dk.

    I must then live with having to maintain 3-4 installations and databases! I think I can use phplist (or likes) to manage my newsletters / posts instead of with rss!

    Does the above thoughts sound like the smareste way to solve the structure of my site, or are there other ways around......?

    Best regards Kim.

  2. No, sounds like way more work.

    It woudl be easier to either:
    a) wait the the codebase merge
    b) get the featured content gallery plugin fixed.

    Given a), then b) has to happen at some point.

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