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  • Having been officially part of the WordPress community since April 2004 (4months) I have really grown to learn some pretty cool things about WP. I must say, hands down, I have searched all over the Internet and this is the best application that makes web design easier for me to tame. (at times it can be a real BEAST).

    I have been in graphics design for the past 8 years and really get inspiration by viewing what others have done and have posted to these forums. So, with that, I hope that what I have done in my spare time, after an 8-hour job, and involvment in my church’s youth group, I can too inspire others; or at least think that I have.

    To the POINT: I just designed a “theme” for a client who is expecting their first child next April. Could you guys look at it and tell me what you think of it. I would hope to get some “kudo points” in the visual look and feel of it. I had some inspiration in the colors from – if you guys do not use this as a resource, you are missing out on a VALUABLE tool – SERIOUSLY.

    Just let me know. By no means is it a FINISHED project, but I am aiming at completing it very soon (the next week) with some additional plugins and minor tweaks to the backend. If you personally have any suggestions for plugins that will really make this site stand out and give it a “WOW-factor”, I will gladly accept them.

    You guys (& gals) really rock!

    God Bless,

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  • Well that’s all right. Perhaps a different (lighter?) tone of green in the bar near the top would work better? Also, I think you have a graphic mis-aligned in the bottom right. Looks ok for what its supposed to do, however.

    Xander .. thanks for taking a look .. I do notice that footer graphic .. i will see what is going on.


    You’re expecting a new ADDITION, not edition.


    I’m pretty new to this whole thing, I barely have my own site running but am trying to be a part of the community. So I’m still coming at this from more of a nonuser standpoint as opposed to the technical talent of all the others.

    I love the colors and style of your theme. It comes together really well. I have one thing, that is probably a personal preference. The vertical divisions of the site feel akward. I like the center section set forward of the outer part (nice 3-D feel). The issue I run into is the 60:40 split of the center two sections. It makes the page feel off balance to me, especially with the massive graphic to the left.
    Since the graphic appears to be part of an entry, time could just shuffle it off the screen and remove the issue. Although, leaving the baby announcement in place during the pregnancy could be a nice touch. It might be worthwhile to remove it from the flow or thumbnail it to the side.
    However you decide to go, it is a very nice site and I would be glad to have it as my baby announcement so I think they will be as well.


    Thanks for taking a look at the design. I really appreicate your feedback.

    I understand the “awkwardness” you are referring to and it will shift off the page as more entries are made … One thing that i am going to do is install a photo gallery, so i think shifting it to a thumbnail will work better, but until I have time to wotk on that, it will remain “as is.”

    If you personally decide you would like something similar I would be glad to help you out … I know the client will be pleased once all the minor tweaks have been worked out and the site validates .. this even includes the “announcement” I personally designed that for the client ….

    Do you have a link to the “theme” in question, or is this just another clerical spam to your own site?

    Greedy, aren’t they? 🙂 Last I checked, this was the “show us your stuff” forum…

    marko : not sure i am following your comment.

    explain or clarify please!

    I think marko is asking about the original theme author for the theme that you are using right now.

    He is trying to ask why this site is not mentioned in your post / site ?





    im curious now, since that design looks familiar to me.. and i distinctly remember that i saw a site that provided for sale templates and they used that /asset/ directory for images and whatnot.

    That said, I didnt find anything on T-M that resembled the site he posted (which oddly enough I had to go dig out my history, since the link is gone)

    Mind you, im fine with bought templates, if thats what someone wants to do. But if in fact, you buy a template its pretty decietful (though no more decietful than doing it with a free theme) to attempt to pass it off as your own creation. Not saying the Op did this, thats just a related observation.

    I think its funny and quite cool how aware people really are of whats out there, and are so quick to notice when something just doesnt look right.

    All that said, I should add that it is a nice theme, no matter who the author is.

    I agree with all of the above, but this is still about “Your WordPress”, even if it’s a modified Kubrick, isn’t it?




    sure it is 🙂 In case i wasnt clear, im not making any accusations.

    I said, “it is a nice theme…”; I meant that.

    Am I missing something here?
    I don’t see a link to the theme/site that’s being asked for feedback on, only a link to

    Has it been removed? I’m lost…

    Nope. That was the point. ;o)

    someone must’ve been helpful and edited the post. Earlier this week there was another link there. :-\

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