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  • whooami



    I wouldnt reccomend it — unless you have modified alot of the core files. As for the changed files in a zip, why? If you want to go that route, all you need to do is pick out the files that have changed from the list — that seems a lot “safer” to me then having/trusting a third party do something.

    I trust you whooami. So will you do it?

    My personal reason is I cannot bear uploading TinyMCE, it has too many files and my FTP tends to disconnect mid-way for reasons I couldn’t figure out. Then I have to start the upload again and it has to check every file again to see which ones didn’t finish. It drives me batty watching 3 million file names and TinyMCE folders scroll thru my FTP log.

    And I don’t even use TinyMCE. I dislike it (to put it kindly).

    The broader general reason is, why should every WP user (how many are there? Let’s just pretend 500,000) upload ___kb of files, taking ___ minutes… when we really only need ___kb and ___ seconds to upload the 20 files that changed. Multiply by the # of users and that is an incredible amount of wasted time and bandwidth. Granted, time and bandwidth are free: it’s the headaches that cost.

    As for the trust issue, I would trust to post a Full Complete WP 2.2.2, and a special ZIP of updated-files-only for current users upgrading specifically and exclusively from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2.

    Or I would trust a well-known third party, such as yourself, or the other blogger who posted the changed files when we went from 1.5.x to 2.0 (I forgot their blog name). I would also determine trust based on # of people who already tried it. In a community like this, if 5 people try it and it is a scam then we’ll find out. If 15 peole have used it successfully and posted glowing Comments, I would not worry about trying it. We do this with Plugins and Themes all the time, which could have similarly devastating effects if it was a scam.

    For me it’s the difference between being EXCITED to install an upgrade, versus dreading it to the point of not doing it for several weeks until I have plenty of time to watch the FTP log scroll 3 million times.

    The short answer is: the upgrades with WP are so frequent that it’s annoying to reupload all the same files again and again, if they are not different.

    Thanks for your reply.



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    If you know the files aren’t different, then there’s logically no point in uploading them again. Computers are real sticklers for logic, so you should be fine.

    The key is ensuring that you do get all the changed stuff.




    tiny mc does suck to upload doesnt it 🙂 Thats a REALLY good point. lol.

    here ya go .. the changed files

    Thanks for the changed files zip. And you’re right, it does suck to upload tiny mce.

    The ZIP of changed-files from whooami helped me upgrade 10 blogs in less than 30 minutes.

    This was a pleasing experience, much less of a headache, and not something I would dread doing every 2-3 months.

    Thanks Again.

    Such a ZIP file should be offered on the Official, for every iteration of upgrade:

    That is my suggestion to WordPress.

    a ZIP file should be offered on the Official, for every iteration of upgrade:

    That is a very good suggestion. I have lost count of the number of upgrades I have performed to my blog, but I am still nervous every time.

    The short upgrade-only-the-necessary-files is definitely the best way to go.

    Thank you whooami, whoever you are!




    you’re welcome!

    Using whoomi’s (patent pending) Ultimate Shortcut to Upgrade I upgraded 6 blogs in 20 minutes including backing up databases.

    I guess I need practise on infomercial writing.

    Thanks whooami, it really made a difference!





    Bear with me as this is my first upgrade…

    Can I just upload the wordpress folder and write over the files it asks?

    Yes? No?




    What do the instructions on the codex say??? Did you read them?

    Theyre linked to RIGHT OFF the announcement page:

    Yes you can, I did the same the other day and it worked like a charm

    Better watch out people. In each release, files don’t just get added and modified. They also get deleted.

    If you only ever upload added and changed files, and never delete the old ones, that has the potential to be very bad, especially if those files contained a security vulnerability.

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