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  • Hi,
    Can I remove old _edit_lock and _edit_last from wp_postmeta?
    Have almost 1000 of these entries, would like to reduce size.

    Are these used anywhere but on admin page to show last edit?
    I use two accounts, but am only person writing/editing.

    Found this – but it was not answered:


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  • The way it looks to me– based upon browsing my own database– you should have no more than one of those per post. They are added when a post is edited to prevent another user from editing the same post at the same time. Reasonable.

    My brief, 2-minute, browsing of the system doesn’t reveal anything that ever purges those entries, just adds them and updates them. The locking system actually uses two entries– ‘_edit_lock’ and ‘_edit_last’– and it looks like you can delete them and the system would just start over as if nothing had happened. I haven’t tested this though. Let me know how that works out :).

    I honestly can’t imagine gaining any appreciable DB speed, or saving much space, by deleting these entries so I’d probably leave them alone if it were me. And the system is just going to put them back anyway, one every time you edit a post.

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    It worked. No errors.

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