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    I have the parents template for recipes all neatly laid out, with titles only as links, and a list of subcats. How do I redirect the subcategories (ie: cat3,& cat4) for “parent1” to look for the “parent1” template???

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  • I can’t remember any way of doing it… which doesn’t mean there is none 🙂

    Sidenote. I know I still owe you an answer in your other thread (“frustrating…”) – but at certain point it tried to address too many issues in the same time, so I got lost in it. Sorry.
    And despite my best efforts I still can’t make a mental picture regarding the overall structure of the site. In other words I can’t imagine its “diagram” and until that happens I am always confused what the best advice would be.

    Cathy Tibbles


    Your idea of a separate category template is great. what to do when you need the subcat’s posts also listed alphabetically? List each subcat in the cat template? Something like if cat1,subcat4,etc, use TEMPLATEPATH..category-1.php else (something that means continue on...

    For example –

  • a separate template for “recipes”, and then I have the subcats listed: bkfst, beverages, etc. And ALL the posts (from “Recipes” et al) organized alphabetically. Not the prettiest solution, but whatever! RIght now, if someone wants to narrow down their choices to “beverages” they click on that link ID, and WP goes to the regular cat template, which organizes by date. Beverage recipes by date ain’t so helpful!
  • ~How would you organize it, being a non-coder (like myself)?

    **Thank you Moshu, I too was confused at my own post! In frustration, i just wanted someone else to tell me what to do… and that is, IMO, exactly what themes are for. I closed that post. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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