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  • If one were to change the themes of a running site, or something major like that, I imagine they take their site ‘offline’, or shield the site with ‘under construction’ static page, while making sure everything worked.

    How do I do this?
    (I should mention i’m ok-enough at just swapping the site from hostgator to wampserver and back, but it’s a pita and it plugins/themes become problematic. If there’s a way to just leave it all on hostgator but block site-members from seeing it while under construction, that’d probably be easiest for me!)

    Thanks for any input or tips on the matter!

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  • You can always tell your index.php page in the toot of your site to route your to a custom HTML page that says under construction. However Google won’t like your site being offline. I would create a subdomain in Hostgator to develop your site. I created to do all of my developing and testing so that I could easily switch over wehen I was ready.

    Would it matter to google if i hadn’t really “started” yet? This isn’t something that was online and I want off, it’s something I’m still trying to setup (I’ll admit, I’m utterly clueless waht you even mean by ‘google won’t like it’..)

    How would I go about creating a subdomain? Once created, you’re saying I basically develop under the ‘beta.’ subdomain, then just move that to proper domain when ready?

    I’ve figured out how to make my subdomain! When creating the subdomain, it auto-fills the ‘document root’. Is that something that i should be re-naming myself? Or just go with what it auto-generates?

    (and how do I tell wordpress to toggle my site from this subdomain, to the proper domain and vice-versa?)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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