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  • Hello – Mandrill has scheduled downtime so I want to use the log and pro resender plugin to resend emails that are not delivered by mandrill.

    I have two questions:

    1. Alongside wp_mail() I also have the mandrill PHP library in my code and send emails via that. Is there any build in hooks or process I can use to add these emails to the log? Or should I be adding them direct to the database with my own code?

    2. When Mandrill has downtime it will return a json object with an error for emails that are not delivered. Is there anything in place at the moment that checks for result returned by server and then displays this in the interface or should this be something I custom build?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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  • Plugin Author yehudah


    I’m a bit confused about your flow.

    1. Can you send me links to the plugins you mentioned?

    2. It’s sound you are using something other than post SMTP for mail delivery if that is true, why do you need it?

    Thread Starter Elliot Taylor


    Hi Yehudah,

    Thanks for reply (I should have made two tickets, so apologies!)

    1. Custom work, but using the official mandrill library to send emails:

    Specifically: $this->mandrill->messages->send($message, $async, $ip_pool, $send_at);

    I call that method to send – then perhaps there is a hook you have I can use to post the result so it is logged for your plugin to view.

    2. Using post SMTP for mail delivery. Mandrill have 6hours scheduled downtime next week and will return a 503 error if emails are not sent (

    I’m looking at ways to catch undelivered emails and then resend. I think your plugin could be a good solution if I can catch all the undelivered emails and then resend.

    Thanks for your time!

    Plugin Author yehudah



    Thank you for clearing things.

    1. This will not work, the plugin take over the function but you can try the build it support for mandrill.
    Besides that, I would leave the control on one place and not spread it to parts.

    2. Post SMTP support for fallback – the ‘Fallback’ feature is a backup SMTP delivery method that will be triggered (if you choose) when the main delivery method is failing for any reason.
    To not over complicated the main wizard, the setup option is only available on the main settings page, when you press ‘Show All Settings‘ and select the ‘Fallback‘ Tab.

    I would configure mandrill inside post smtp, setup another smtp account, and keep my eyes on the logs for individual entries that maybe didn’t process by both options.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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