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  • I am wondering if it is possible and how difficult it would be to use an old database with a new install.

    Basically, I botched my upgrade. The site is hosted by Blue Host and i thought I could use the Word Press service to install the newest version of the word press files, and if otherwise followed the extended upgrade docs from Word Press, that I would be golden. Not so.

    Basically, what it looks like happened is that I ended up with a clean install and a new database. I was able to retain our theme, our widgets, and some of the customization we did to it, but it is referring to the new and blank database containing no posts.

    Is this as simple as changing all references to the new database in the wp-config file to refer to the old database, or do I have to try a rollback?

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  • Or, now that I think about it, could I import a backup of the old database into the new database and get the same result?

    Probably easiest just to point to the old database with the new WP’s wp-config.php file. If it’s an older version you should get prompted to run the upgrade.

    Just back the old db up first, to be safe, but I think that would be the easiest/quickest way to get going.

    Thanks Chris_K. Doesn’t look like it worked.

    I changed DB_Name, DB_User, and DB_Password in the wp-config file to the old database. However, when I tried to login I got:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: force_ssl_admin() in /home/blog/public_html/wp-login.php on line 15

    Did you get the table_prefix changed too?

    If that doesn’t do it, have a search here for that “force_ssl_admin” error. It might indicate an incomplete install.

    The table_prefix seems to be ‘wp_’ in both databases (this by comparing the backup config file with the new config file). Do I need to change it for one of the databases to avoid confusion?

    It should be noted that the new install seems to work fine with the new database. I only get these errors when I uploaded the config file referencing the new database via the changes I outlined above.

    I read some posts the resulted from the search “force_ssl_admin” error, and most referenced an incomplete install. However, I’m thinking the install is complete, given it will work with the newer database. I am full of bad assumptions today, though.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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