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  • if you look at my blog
    you will see the h2 says “archives/next” and if you click next, then “previous” comes up in between them.
    So my question is : Can I have the “previous” show up on the index too but just be inactive untill the viewer is on the second+ photo?

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  • If you are using posts_nav_link(); to display those links, then you have to edit that function to display the “previous” text even when there is no previous.

    I am using posts_nav_link() , any tips on how to edit it?

    Anyone, anyone….Bueller, Bueller? Seriously, Im an idiot, can someone break it down for me?

    Sorry Beel, I changed next to previous and vice versa…..But basically I want all three to be visible at all times…And I am not following your suggestion???

    Yeah, just follow what I said for both and echo what you want. Essentially the function only echoes a link if there is another post either “next” or “previous” to the current post. You have to put an else statement to print nonlink text for “next” and “previous” when there really isn’t one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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