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  • I have a slightly complex situation and need some help transistioning from an HTML site to mostly WordPress. My site is at . What I have right now is a WordPress blog and a couple of squeeze / landing pages open to the public. From there, visitors have to register to go anywhere else. I have a customized version of phpMembers direct them to one of two websites, based on certain criteria. So the directory structure is

    entry pages — which include a WordPress installation
    site a
    site b

    Site A and Site B are currently written in HTML. I want to make them be 2 different WordPress sites, chiefly for ease in modifications, employing others as editors, etc. Does anyone see any problems with doing this?

    The new structure would have the same hierarchy, but would be

    entry pages — which include a WordPress installation
    site a — another wordpress installation
    site b — yet another wordpress installation

    If it all works, the URL’s would look like — public, for everyone, with opportunity to register
    www, whole WordPress website for members of siteA a whole WordPress website for members of siteB

    I would probably use separate SQL databases to avoid confusion for myself and future programmers.

    Will this work? I understand WordPress and directory structure pretty well, and am not worried about maintaining the 3 installations (I have other blogs with different themes other places.) I am not familiar with WP MU, and frankly am a little afraid that it would confuse me more than a the nested situation I am describing.

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  • While I see you’re slightly daunted by WP MU (or WordPress Multisite, as it’s now known), this would probably be the best solution for you. This would allow you to use a sub-folder system, and have 3 separate blogs running on /blog, /siteA, and /siteB quite easily.

    However if you’re certain you’d prefer to just keep it all separate, then it’s quite possible to use 3 separate WordPress installs in each sub-folder as you suggest. You can use the same database but different table prefixes (WordPress default is “wp_”) or you could use 3 separate databases altogether if you wanted.

    It should just be a matter of creating the folders /blog, /siteA, and /siteB, and going through the WordPress installation for each.

    Personally though, I must say, that I think the effort involved in using and getting familiar with WordPress Multisite will save you a lot of time and pain in the long run. It’s not too difficult, just have a read of this page in the Codex to walk you through setting it up:

    Best of luck!

    What I think may complicate things, is that I am using membership software (phpMembers) so that certain members go to /siteA and certain members go to /siteB, protected by login names and passwords.

    I did a quick read and it doesn’t sound that simple to me, although perhaps what I should do is set up a test site and see how it goes. But what do you think about the membership folder protection issue?

    Without having used the phpMembers software, I’m not sure how it protects folders. Depending how the protection is implemented it may work, or it may not.

    As you say, it may be best to do a test site setup and see how you go.

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