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  • Hi there,

    I am currently working on a website that makes heavy use of posts as topic threads. These posts are grouped by categories.

    We are using BuddyPress Group Email Subscription to allow Users to receive email digests.

    Users receive emails when they add a comment on their “Home” Activity tab, They would receive emails if they post to the forum. All good.

    However, we would like Users to receive emails when a new post is created in a category that they are subscribed to.

    Currently a post is added to the activity stream, no problem. However, no User receives an email that a relevant post has been added.

    I thought it may be worth modifying what is logged in the activity stream for a post, to make it work like a forum post or a “What’s New” update.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction for at what point BPGES creates the digest emails, to see if it’s a mod in BPGES I need to make or to Buddypress when it puts a post into the Actvity stream?

    Many thanks.

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  • Plugin Author r-a-y


    You might want to consider using a specialized WordPress email subscription plugin instead of looking at modifying this plugin.

    The Subscribe2 plugin appears to be what you’re looking for:

    Hi Ray.

    Thanks for the advice. We did investigate subscribe2, but it lacked the ability for Users to dictate how regularly they want their digests on a per-category basis, which BPGES handles so well.

    In the end, thanks to the assistance of the frankly brilliant @becskr, who provided us with some custom functionality, our posts are now added to the activity stream & BPGES sends post emails just like a Forum post or Update.

    @matthewbyrom — Is that custom functionality code posted anywhere? If not, would you consider making it available? ~Thanks

    @r-a-y — Your design is great, which is why people like Matthew and me want to use it beyond groups. I hope you’ll consider making it work not only for groups and categories, but also for tags, users, forum posts, etc. Having all email notifications integrated into one plugin seems better than having separate notification plugins for each classification of content. ~Thanks

    Hi Scott,

    Apologies for the tardy response.

    Becs made the functionality freely available on this post. Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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