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  • Trish at Changing Paces


    I’m building several WP sites that will all be part of the same organization and I need to know if (and how) I can link them together.

    For example, Site A has a Blog section and I’d like to create a Resources section that acts like a 2nd blog in that it is searchable and collects posts. I’m thinking I’ve got to setup that Resources section as a 2nd WP site (Site B) and use the Blog feature in it for the database.

    I’d like the Site A menu to have an item called Resources than when clicked on actually takes the visitor to Site B seemlessly. Both sites of course would be the same theme with the same formatting so that the visitor doesn’t even know they’ve moved over to another site.

    I’d like the Site B menu to contain items from the Site A menu so that visitors can go back to Site A if they choose. Again, without even knowing that they’re switching back & forth between Site A & Site B.

    Is this even possible and if so, how do I create menu items (or pages for the menu) that link to the other site?

    I’ve scoured WP and looked for plugins but can’t seem to find an answer. Please help. Thanks.

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Use the custom menu feature. Then put in links to the actual stuff you want.

    Or, build the link manually via html right in each site’s theme files.

    Or, use the switch_to_blog function like I’ve described in previous threads.

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