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  • Hello

    I heard a rumor that turn on the multisite feature will cause some issue in CPU&Memory resources usage.

    If I am on a shared hosting.
    Can I just do some tricks in wp-config.php
    to host multiple sites


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  • Multisite should cause no more extra memory usage than multiple, separate, sites, at the end of the day.

    I don’t agree with you.

    I think it plausible that WP require more RAM usage with multisite.
    Depend on how coder query the DB.

    In separated sites it obviously that WP require more DB space than multisite one; but multiple separated sites use just extra few line of code to detect which DBTable to query.

    If you are the one of the devteam who really know how multisite work or you already check the code yourselves,
    I’m done with this thread.

    Can you confirm that?

    I’m not on the devteam. I do know how Multisite works.

    Separate sites use more diskspace, though not very much more DB space at the end of the day (one user table is shared by all). But you didn’t ask about SPACE. You said CPU/Memory issues.

    If you have 10 separate sites on your server, with 10 separate dbs, you’re still going to have about the same about of CPU cranking going on. But the killer is generally NOT Multisite, unless your server has some shoddy PHP installs (not uncomon). Traffic will kill you first, and that’s not a factor of Multisite or not.

    Would I do this on shared hosting? Maybe for one or two sites. Most of the time, I suggest a VPS, since you’ll want to tweak memory and php and httpd settings to optimize them for WordPress in general.

    And if you STILL don’t want Multisite (though I don’t know why you’re in this forum section then), read

    You CAN define multiple table prefixes. I don’t know of anyone who’s done and up and up comparison of that to Multisite, mind you, and I don’t know if you’d have other permissions issues, but just incase you think WP Multisite isn’t stable, well, has been using it.

    Thanks for your rep.

    since I done some research about this.
    I think I better go with separated site. (shared DB and WordPress file)
    It would generate just about 0.5MB extra data in DB.

    But this just my personal reason
    Wordpress Multisite design for community blog
    Despite it have a domain mapping plug-in, It shared a lot of thing on each site.

    Since the wp-config.php is editable (mentioned on official site)
    I think it wont cause a problem with my tweak method.

    Thanks again.

    I don’t conclude anything about resource usage.
    (Some of hosting company in my country banned WordPress MU.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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