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  • AvantCoatings


    I am upgrading our website and would like to add a blog to the site.
    im not familiar with blogging software, but after some research decided WordPress was the one…

    Now I have searched the docs, but have a few questions on if it is possible to setup in my environment.

    1. My site is created in using windows hosting. Are there any issues with this? My hosting company say I should move to Linux to run wordpress. (I cant move to Linux as the site is written in They have said I can try and install on windows but wont support or help me if i run into trouble which is a bit worrying! (the php and MySql requirements are met)

    2. Assuming I could implement this on a windows platform and integrate WordPress with an website, am I able to install the wordpress blog as a subdirectory without changing the rest of the site? EG If my site is www,something,com can I leave this unchanged and simply add a wordpress blog to www,something,com/blog… or do I have to create the whole site with wordpress. My hosting company told me I can only install the blogging software on a fresh url??? so I should create a seperate url for my blog! (www,blog-something,com)… Ive read for SEO its best to have a subdirectory, so that’s what I would like.

    Im getting mixed stories, so would like some advice on how I could install a wordpress blog on a windows hosting server, with an existing site as a subfolder on an existing domain?


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  • a_johnson


    I have never used windows hosting before so I might not have the best answer.

    However, one answer would be to get a cheap three year plan at Justhost and use Linux hosting for your blog. The WP blog can be a link from your asp web site to the blog and the blog can be themed to look like your main web site quite easily, links and all.

    The user wouldn’t know they are leaving one hosting scheme for another.

    Sorry for replying to such an old post, but I found this via Google, so thought I’d answer for the benefit of others arriving via a search engine:

    I have an ASP.NET site hosted on Windows, and I have two separate WordPress blogs, both running in different folders on my ASP.NET site. Installation was easy (providing your Windows server has PHP and MySQL installed – most do). There was no need to use a new domain, or set up the WordPress blogs on different servers.

    Hope that helps,


    Hi MrCeri,

    I found this post while searching for my requirement that is exactly as the one posted by AvantCoatings.

    I am working as a software developer in a small time company and my client wants his site to be integrated with a wordpress blog for SEO purpose.I have googled this a lot but in vain.My search results showed me that the wordpress could not be integrated with website.

    Please send me any links or the procedure to do this job..Your help is much needed int this hour..

    Thanks in Advance..

    Hi Ramoji,

    I’m afraid I can’t really help you – neither of my WordPress blogs are integrated with my ASP.NET site in any way – they simply live as separate “sites” in folders on my ASP.NET site.

    However, integrating with an ASP.NET site wouldn’t be that hard. You’d need to share navigation, and styles – that should be straight forward. For the navigation, just get the ASP.NET site and the WordPress blog to pull in the same static HTML file. Sharing styles would involve nothing more than sharing the same CSS stylesheet.

    Also take a look at the WordPress schema, which is pretty simple – it would be easy to query the WordPress tables from your ASP.NET site to do things like display latest posts on the ASP.NET home page, display latest comments, etc.

    Best of luck,


    p.s. I use the terms “straight forward” and “simple” a couple of times above – this obviously assumes you have experience of PHP and MySQL, which isn’t necessarily the case for an ASP.NET developer. If you don’t have experience with these technologies then it’s a bit trickier, but still very doable.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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