Can I install plugins on a site like Blogger.com? (2 posts)

  1. madebusiness
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I use some automation plugins on some of my blogs that I host on my own domains and I was wondering if I could install them on my blogs that are hosted at blogger.com?

  2. WP Voyager
    Posted 5 years ago #

    What sort of plugins are you talking about? Are the blogs that you host on your own domains WordPress blogs? What about the ones that are hosted on Blogger.com?

    If the plugins are from two different blogging platforms, than no, they will not work. Different blog platforms use different plugin APIs, so they will not be compatible with each other. Of course, they could be modified... You could find versions of the plugin that are ported to the other platform, you might be able to find resources that show you how to port plugins from other platforms, or you might be able to hire a programmer to port the plugin for you.

    That is all I can say with the information given :-)

    If I am right about your different blogs, great. If not, just post some more info.

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