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  • Can’t seem to find the answer to my question in the forums, I looked under importing blogs. I’m new to blogging and have justdownloaded the software from and set up my first blog. I also have my own hosting space, but am not ready to use it for my blog just yet. Will it be possible for me to import my current site to a hosted version at some point in the future should I wish to do so? Or will I have to begin from scratch? Appreciate your help.

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  • have justdownloaded the software from

    I hope, this is not correct: the downloadable WordPress is here at

    2. No, it is not easy to “import from into a WP install hosted on your own domain. At the moment the only way it can be done is through the RSS feeds. If you have already the hosted version and on long term you plan to blog on that one – don’t waste your time on the It will be a PITA to import and it will not be complete…

    Appreciate your prompt reply, sorry, I meant that I’ve just set up a blog on So I have the version, as I am just starting out, planning to use the hosted version at a later date. It seems from what you’re saying though that I should just start with the hosted version (from and not bother with the software?
    P.s. curious – What’s PITA? (something not good I suspect. Thanks again.

    Yeah thats what I believe he is saying, there is no point in going to that much trouble after reading posts about importing. I have a and am trying to import my rss file, so I can have my posts and comments, and at this point in time, am still looking for the right answer. So I hope you took his suggestion 🙂

    Apparently the best kept secret in WP-land:

    I have to keep laughing at how many times WordPress support forums mentions of this link keep hitting my Bloglines search. One day folks will catch on. 🙂

    Thanks for the link (again), HandySolo.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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