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  • Ive spend all night last night and all morning and I cant get it right.
    I’d rather just hire someone to do it for me.

    My theme is simple but the side bar is on the left and it uses 100% of the width, as well as some other minor things.

    if theres a designer out there who wants a short job Id love to hire you.

    I refuse to work on this anymore, im so stressed now

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  • Here’s some nice scenery from around my home town for you to enjoy.

    Relax–it’s only a web site. Look at the photos I linked to, get a nice cup of your favourite hot beverage, put on some music, go for a walk, call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, or just indulge yourself in a hot bath. The web site will still be there once you have recharged your batteries.

    If you provide a link to your site, then people can view it directly and offer specific suggestions. Are you using a particular theme, or have you built your own?

    We can get you sorted, trust me. 🙂

    ok heres a link

    Honestly I just want someone to do it for me and ill just pay them. I cant even look at this page anymore, my eyes are straining from looking at code.

    I guess the next thing then would be the erm contact details 🙂

    Is this wordpress? I couldn’t find any reference to themes, styles or anything of that nature. Have you taken the core and just stripped all the styling out and tried to do it another way or is this all hand coded?

    It’s all in tables I noticed

    Sorry 🙂 if youd like to take my layout and turn it into an easy to understand template : )

    its not wordpress
    Im trying to take my layout and turn it into wordpress.

    I guess it’s possible to do what you’ve asked: “to turn your layout into an easy to understand template” – but I think many of us took a different path. First we tried to understand how the template/theme system works and after that we tried to get together our layout 🙂

    Edit. And a bit of self-promotion > visual help for understanding the template system.

    Have you looked for a similar theme, there’sa round 250 or so themes, that might fit your need, which could then just modify, it would be cheaper and perhaps easier to do.

    For example you can take an existing theme with a sidebar, stretch the content side of theme and sidebar so it fits the whole screen if you want to.

    Just a suggestion.

    thanks, im not a coder, im more of a writer.
    I opened up other people’s themes and its all greek to me. Im frustrated and tired.
    I dont mind paying, its worth it not to be frustrated.

    so…if anyone wants to do it for me and let me know your fee.

    And Jinsan. Leave the guy alone. Its obviously a mock up.

    Root don’t go ballistic over a small comment, you took at is something else, he obviously understood what I was asking. Get a grip.

    uh nevermind, I got a quote to do it and its a lot more than I thought it would be. Like 10x more (gulp) I thought this would be a quickie job for someone.

    so nevermind my request.
    Sorry for wasting your time.

    Jinsan, if you think Root’s short comment to you was “ballistic”, then you have got a HUGE surprise or 40 waiting for you later in life. I don’t think Root’s the one who needs to “get a grip” here 😉 Cheer up, you’ll live longer.

    Well Jinsan, I liked your posts.
    by the way, where are these 250 themes? I only found 100 from the theme contest.

    Maye if I can look at home i can find something that’s close to what I need.


    Maybe that “quote” was more editorial comment than a quote.

    Just a thought.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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