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  • First time poster and new user … my apologies if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn’t find it.

    I’ve just started blogging for my professional association. Most of my posts will actually be additional information on the products and services we offer. I want to have each post available permanently, and I also want to maintain any associated comments and tags. I might also want to add a new post to one of these pages in the future.

    I can almost get what I want with hierarchical pages except that I would lose the comments and would have to reenter the tags.

    In an ideal world, I would be able to rearrange all my posts in a manner somewhat akin to the outline view in MS Word.

    I’m not tied to my current theme. Are there themes that already have this built in? Is this something I could pay someone to set up for me?

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  • wlindley


    Sounds like you want pages, not posts.

    There is a converter plugin, switches a page to a post or vice versa.

    Then you will probably want a widget to display a hierarchical page list; and then use
    Pagemash which lets you move pages up, down, in, out, and around your hierarchy with the mouse.

    wlindley — actually, what I want is to have multiple pages that all have posts. If I convert a post to a page, won’t I lose the ability to accept comments and maintain tags? If I convert that page back to a post, what happens to other posts on the main page?



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    Some (although not all) themes include comment-ready pages.

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