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  • I know this question sound stupid but I’ll explain what I mean. Now I have 22 active plugins on my site and it works too slow! It takes too much to load the page and my users often complain about it… Can many active plugins cause this problem?

    I’ve tried to combine and minify all the css and javascript files but this doesn’t seem to help. Also I’m *almost* sure that my hosting is OK, because I’ve seen several other websites running on the same host and thay work much faster.

    Besides it sometimes displays 503 error when the page is loaded.

    I tried to contact the hosting administrator but they didn’t say anything useful (Just tried to re-create my hosting account but this didn’t help of course).

    Can anyone please help? Here is the url:

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  • I don’t know about the plugins, but I have a question about how your page is populated.

    Do you retrieve all posts at once? If so, that could be a major part of the problem. If WP is handling the pagination, and limiting the query to a small number of posts per page, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have your own pagination routine, you may be loading too many posts at once. Just a thought.

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