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  • I want to have 3 blogs with separate addresses:

    1. Family stuff (unadvertised URL, but not password protected)
    2. Work stuff (computer science, public, linked from my home page)
    3. Combined (for friends who want to see all of the above)

    Can I do this with WordPress? FYI, I have my own web server, so I can do whatever I want, if I know what to do.

    I thought maybe I could put everything in one WordPress installation and then make two “child” installations for the family and work versions. Each would collect only posts that fit a certain category. Another thought was maybe I should keep two separate blogs, one for family and one for work, and then somehow get a third combined installation to aggregate the two. Are either of these possibilities?

    Please forgive me if my question isn’t clear. I’ve tried to keep it brief but clear, but I’m not sure if I was successful.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • Would setting this up as categories work?

    Two top level categories:
    work (or expertise, or …)

    The two URLs would go to the category pages. [If you have subcategories of each, then it might take some tweaking with the page templates – or not …]

    One question, though, is what do you want to have happen when someone goes to http://www.yourdomain? My guess is you’d want it to go to

    Then you’d need to have another address you’d uses to go to the page that shows all the posts. So, I’d start out trying to set this up as

    Settings > Reading, check static front page and set
    Home Page – something whose template shows just the work posts
    Posts Page – the default blog page that shows all posts

    Then set up a “family” page with and appropriate link (maybe with a .htaccess redirect to take out the “/category/”) to show all posts in the family category.

    Hope that helps you think through the options.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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