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  • Howdy
    Newbie here, but I’ve been working with WordPress for a while now. I’ve never done this before so I need help.

    As of now:
    I have a non-Wordpress site running, and in my root directory I have a folder that holds a flash file that I can link to from other pages like this:

    What I want:
    I want to install WordPress in my root directory, but still be able to link directly to a custom directory in the root folder.

    I’ve been told when you install WordPress in the root, you can’t just create a new directory in your root folder as well and link to its contents.

    One more related question: I might do a multi-site install, not sure yet. If I do, would I have to handle it differently than whatever you suggest with a normal single install?

    I appreciate your responses. Thank you.

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  • Never used multi-site, but as far as a single install, I’ve never had issues with a custom directory in the root.

    So you can try and see if it works, but it shouldn’t be an issue. The reason there could be is WordPress creates an .htacess file in the root, and that could potentially interfere. But as long as the custom folder you have doesn’t use any names similar to the WordPress files/folders and your actual WordPress pages, you should be fine.

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