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  • I upgraded my blog Table for Five to 2.3.2. I’ve lost all my categories.

    I have deactivated all of my plugins except the few I have that are on the compatible plugins list. I’ve upgraded ones that needed it.

    My custom theme has not been upgraded yet, so I switched to the WordPress Default theme. And still, no categories. Also, WordPress Default is not “Widget Aware”, so I have lost my sidebars as well.

    Can someone please help me? I will follow any suggestions, provide any information you need. Question 1-I would like to know if it is going to be possible to get my categories back, or will I have to re-categorize all of my posts (two years’ worth)?

    Question 2-What has changed with WP 2.3.2 as far as widget capability? Will I be able to get that back? I appreciate anyone replying to this message, thank you.

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  • Clearly, something didn’t upgrade (must be upgrading from something before 2.3) correctly if you nave no categories. The old categories, both post Categories, and Link Categories, along with the new tags, are now managed by the three (3) new terms tables.

    If you have a good backup before the upgrade, I would drop all the current tables, restore the backups, check/rebuild all those tables, then attempt the upgrade to 2.3.2 again.

    The WordPress Default 1.6 Theme is widgetized, but please understand, widgets are part of the native WordPress code. If you have the old Sidebar Widgets plugin, that plugin needs to be deactivated, and all files related to that plugin should be deleted.

    Michael, thank you for your reply. I don’t have the old sidebar widgets plugin activated. Also, I used PHPMyAdmin to do a database backup, and I know I checked the Add DROP TABLE box. But to be honest, I don’t know what you mean when you say “drop all the current tables…rebuild all those tables”. Is there any way you can explain it to me so that I can do it myself without screwing things up worse?

    I just checked in FTP, should I still have a folder labelled “widgets”? Or do I no longer need that?

    1. drop all the current tables–meaning drop every table in your database (that is related to WordPress)
    2. restore the backups–using phpMyAdmin import/restore the backup you made before beginning the backup process
    3. check/rebuild all those tables–use the phpMyAdmin Check/Rebuild ability to make sure your tables are clean (no corrupt data/indexes)
    4. do the upgrade.php again

    Paul Stamatiou’s How to repair tables using phpMyAdmin

    I repaired all of the tables, and after a phone call to Bluehost support, I deactivated the Firestats plugin because they said it was causing an error on their end. However, the Bluehost Support guy was able to get into my sidebar widgets and move them around and open them. But I can’t. What could be causing that on my end? Any ideas?

    So bluehost doesn’t see the problem–maybe clear your browser cache and cookies.

    Michael-I did get my sidebar working again after clearing the cache, but still no luck on the categories problem. Has anyone seen a fix for this? Could I have missed a file when I did the upgrade, something that specifically controls the categories assigned to posts?

    I have the same problem on a nearly unedited theme (Networker). I switch to the WP default theme and still no categories (not in public or admin) even though I can see them in the db. I followed the upgrade procedure to the letter but to know avail. I restored the db just in case the upgrade script did something but I still no cats.

    Lorax-I’m glad it’s not just me. I ended up going back to WP 2.2 for now.




    Lorax-I’m glad it’s not just me. I ended up going back to WP 2.2 for now.

    you’ll regret that decision if and when your install is hacked.

    thats NOT a solution to anything.

    A thread here for table4five concerning lost categories:

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