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  • I want to install EXACTLY SAME looking forum on my website , Can i do so ? (reason , simply i love this looking forum).
    I tried to install forum from bbpress , but when i installed it , may be something gone wrong or it was like that , but there was no any template ?? i mean , just a white page , (no any tables etc…and that was not looking any forum like this one…can some one please tell me , from where i can get wordpress forum template etc.I will really be thankful to you guys.

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  • 1. This is not a support forum for bbpress.
    2. I think the design of this forum is copyrighted.

    Hmm… try bbPress ->

    its still in Alpha 0.1 which means its totally untested and unsupported and there is not even a community there!!!

    i would recommend absolutely not trying it unless u r an expert!!!



    is there any updates on this issue?

    with the popularity of wordpress, this feature not being available seems unrealistic….

    Anyone able to integrate a forum into their site??

    if so can you create a tutorial on it for us?



    bbPress, from what I see, is a side project for the developers. It’s currently still alpha and there are no promises that a beta will ever be released. (Although the official blog has words of a beta being considered, I think.)

    As for an integrated system, I saw a WordPress forum plugin the other day—”xdforum”, it was called, if I recall recorrectly.

    But back to the original question, I don’t think you’ll find one exactly the same as this forum. Even the bbPress alpha uses a different style sheet. I suppose it won’t be hard to copy this design, but as previously noted, this design is copyrighted. (All designs are copyrighted to begin with, I believe that’s how copyright law works.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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