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  • Hi. I’ve got almost 2400 posts in one of my blogs, covering around 75 categories. As you know, it’s cumbersome browsing the MANAGE files, EDITing and reSAVEing them.

    So .. what I would like to do is this: Export all the permalink URL’s into a file that I can easily manipulate and sort (like excel) and delete the duds .. then create a new page in my wordpress blog for only that one topical category. Although I might have 75 categories, I think if I narrowed it down to about 25 pages of related topics it would work for my blog well.

    As an example. … I want to create a page related to potty training. If I just use the search feature, I won’t get all of the files. I will have to manually browse every URL every month in MANAGE. However, when I do browse the name – I can instantly remember if that article is about potty training, regardless if those search terms are there.

    If I can get an export of the URLS .. then it’s a matter of sort, data, copy and paste and I’m finished. Without an export, it’s like a 2-month project.

    Any ideas? Are there any plugins for that? /// THANKS – HART

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  • As a second thought or option .. I went into my myPhpAdmin and viewed MySQL database (4.1.22) and noticed .. that inside the “wp_posts” table .. there are two columns .. “post_name” and “guid” // which are the title and the permalink.

    Is there a way to somehow export or download this only? I’ve tried my normal backup routine and only selected the wp_posts table but there’s too much content inside.

    Just a thought.

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