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  • In my wordpress editor o cannot have this sentence:

    blalala hahahaha.

    Actually i can but only for first time.Next time i change and save this post it becomes.

    blalala hahahaha.

    I cannot belive i cannot have space in wordpress.It is just stupid or bug !!!

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  • I have no idea what you’re talking about. The examples you gave are identical. Space where?

    Actually this is even problem in this forum.
    between blalala and hahahaha there was 10 space characters but not they are vanished.

    It is really really stupid.

    Because the software knows better – no need for 10 spaces.
    Need white space? – use the stylesheet. This is not MS Word.

    @thisisedie i cannot explain the problem cause even this forum has the same problem.

    It filter out space.

    Please try to have 2 spaces between two words.You cannot cause smart wordpres think we do not need spaces.

    Well, despite the fact that I have no idea why you’d want to have ten spaces between words, you might try some good old HTML.


    blalala          hahahaha

    cause smart wordpres think we do not need spaces

    We don’t need ten spaces between words. Why do you need such large spaces between words?

    For example i need spaces and there are many people need spaces.Wordpress should be even better than MSW

    Yes even if i use   wordpress filter his out.Not just then but as soon as i do another change of my post.

    and there are many people need spaces.

    I don’t recall ever seeing anyone need large spaces between words on a regular basis. And both Moshu and I told you how to get spaces. Look up.

    I not need 10 spaces between every word.But i need this sometimes.

    It even strips all html code when i install Raw Html plugin.

    &NbsP; deleted. Why not just delete every space and every color.We do not need it


    &NbsP; method doesn’t work.I will try css ,but i doubt it work either

    I am going crazy when see post like this:
    Too much spaces.My God !! 🙂

    You asked a question, got the answer.
    The rest is just rambling and if you continue, it will be deleted and closed.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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