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  • yes, check your footer.php file, that’s where the text for your footer is located.

    You can edit the footer.php, just like you are editing standard html files. The best way to understand the structures of most theme is, consider that ONE INDEX.HTML file is splitted into, header.php, index.php, and footer.php.

    I could’nt figure this out for a long time, so if you need to understand, I suggest that you change your template to old style or get another theme set which doesn’t contain much hacks (I mean, the plenty of template tags).

    Good luck!!

    I find I can’t edit the footer of my footer.php file. It has this message below the edit screen:

    If this file were writable you could edit it.

    I thought perhaps it was because I wasn’t using a standard WordPress theme so changed to the classic and still get that message. I’m assuming if it were editable there’d be a save button or something to click on to save the changes I’d made?

    I’ve been trying to install the plugin statcounter but without success. Same for technorati tags. Beginning to think I might have to get a book on php to see if I can work it out but if it says it’s not editable, what then?

    Here, read this:

    Although it’s usually best to just edit via FTP. If your site gets hacked, having your theme files writable can cause problems as scripts can edit them.

    Thanks, tried that too, but still not successful. I’d made the change in footer.php and reuploaded via FTP process (Dreamweaver). I’m really find this rather frustrating and wish I could work out why I can’t get the thing to work. The URL is if that’s helpful at all. However, nothing is showing in the sourcecode to indicate I’ve even made any change so I doubt that will help. I’ve printed off the information you’ve pointed me to and will go back through it again to see if I overlooked anything. But it seems it should be straightforward.

    You just need to adjust the permissions of the files via CHMOD.

    What FTP client are you using?

    I don’t understand what that means, using CHMOD. I’m using Dreamweaver and the FTP client with that.

    I went into Manage menu via the WP admin on my blog, then clicked on Files, then went to the bottom where it says Other Files and entered in the file address and clicked on Edit File, but what then? And what am I supposed to do with CHMOD? Type that in or something? Sorry, but I’ve never had knowledge of this aspect before and very different to using html in Dreamweaver.

    I tried variations, like copying and pasting the file name (wp-content/themes/Greenie/footer.php) and then typing in CHMOD but I got an oops message to say the file didn’t exist. Tried typing in CHMOD first and then the file name – same thing. Noted something about 666 so added that too – same thing.

    I also tried opening the footer in Dreamweaver and entered the statcounter code in – it’s there and I uploaded it, but it’s made absolutely no difference at all and is not working.

    Perhaps for those who know how this works it seems like it is straightforward and simple but even in reading the instructions in the page given further up this support forum, it is still not clear exactly what steps I should be taking.

    chmod is a command to change the permissions of a file. If you want to edit your theme via the admin area of your site, you need to make your theme files writable by WordPress.

    Anyway, you really should ditch Dreamweaver when it comes to FTP use and editing PHP files.

    See this article for a link to a good FTP client.

    For editing PHP files, a plain text editor (such as Notepad) is best. Check out this for more details:

    Thanks I’ll look at using something else but it still doesn’t explain what/where for using the chmod command? Sorry if it seems I’m being dense but I need a step-by-step to tell me where to go (nicely) and what to do to even attempt this.

    What I had done was opened the footer.php file, added the counter code I wanted, saved it and then uploaded it to the server – however, the code is not working and if I look in the WP admin console, the change I made isn’t showing.

    Well in decent FTP clients, you just right-click on the file(s) and there’s a “chmod” or “permissions” option and then all you do is tick the “write” boxes. I have no clue if Dreamweaver’s FTP thingy has that feature or not.

    Dreamweaver will hack up your files if not used properly. If you’re using the WYSIWYG especially.

    However, since you said you already made the changes, try going back to your site (the main site) and pressing CTRL + F5 to do a “hard” refresh, and see if your changes took.

    And then if not, ditch the DW and go get something else… that will be the only way you can change the mod properties like that (chmod) and likewise, will ensure that your files don’t get jacked up either.

    It’s alright, I finally found out how to do it. I have cpanel for accessing my site for all sorts of things and discovered I could edit the files in the file manager – I now have got it working. Nothing like all the instructions I’ve been reading but I guess everyone has different setups.

    I’ve just had this exact request from a client.

    You should {really} be able to edit the footer text without touching php files, it would be nice anyhow!

    I’m going to try and do this somehow by making a page called ‘Footer’ and hiding it in the navigation and site map, and then including it on each page. Hmmmf. Shouldn’t be so hard

    Could be a nice plugin? Would need to hide the specified page so that it didn’t appear in any site maps etc though?

    I am trying to modify the footer.php in ftp, but do not see what I see in the admin of the blog itself. I cannot find anywhere in the ftp footer.php where I can make these changes.

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