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    How do I edit the page generated by the shortcode [mailpoet_manage_subscription]?

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    I created a page with the [mailpoet_manage_subscription] shortcode but viewing this page does not display the subscriptions for the current logged-in user, it would be nice if it did…

    Instead there is a second shortcode which generates the link necessary, although in today’s update it doesn’t work, and previously only generated link to the endpoint not the configured page:
    [mailpoet_manage text=”Manage your subscription”]

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    When I click the unsubscribe link in the footer of a newsletter I get the following page:

    I really need to edit this to give just a simple unsubscribe function (ie remove first name and last boxes, remove leave this field empty box etc). Is this possible?

    On a separate issue, the subscription form gives an “invalid API request” message when used as a widget in a sidebar but works as a shortcode within a page.

    The documentation pages on “Unsubscribe” and “Manage your Subscription” are currently blank.

    I would be grateful for some assistance from MailPoet Support with this. Thanks.

    @aob2017 The only way to modify that page at this moment is by using custom CSS styles if you want to hide some components, besides that, there’s no other way, unfortunately.

    On a separate issue, the subscription form gives an “invalid API request” message when used as a widget in a sidebar but works as a shortcode within a page.

    What’s the sending method you are using at this moment? (Settings page > Send with tab). Also, let us know your plugin version.



    will you announce here when modifying the page is possible ?

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    Hi, thanks for responding. Regarding the “invalid API request”, I was using Mailpoet version 3.0.0-rc.1.0.4 and sending using my hosts server (1&1 Internet). Because this didn’t work, I am now using version 2 and the subscription form works OK as a widget in the sidebar using the same sending method.

    I find your Manage Subscription page rather difficult to understand. For example, what is the point of displaying a field labelled “Please leave this field empty”? Also there should be no need to have to fill in boxes for First Name and Last Name.

    Update: I have actually just used the Unsubscribe and Manage Subscription links at the bottom of the Welcome Course Newsletter that you send. The Unsubscribe link is simple and works fine. I see that when I tried to subscribe again using Manage Subscription that when I enter a first and last names in the appropriate boxes, the “Please leave this field empty” box is populated with my email address, which is already displayed at the top of the page (though this may be due to Chrome Autofill which I have setup). When I change the status to “Subscribed” and click SAVE, there is no indication that I am now Subscribed again and indeed when I go back and use the Manage Subscription link again, I still have the status Unsubscribed. So I am not sure now whether I am subscribed or not! I repeated the above process leaving the first field empty as instructed (ie without Chrome Autofill) and got the same behaviour.

    It would be very helpful if you could explain how Manage Subscription is supposed to work and maybe redesign it to make it simpler.

    Many thanks for your efforts.



    @uwe-stegmann: We sure will.

    @aob2017: 1) “Please leave this field empty” field should be hidden and never displayed; perhaps it was a caching issue. 2) This week’s release fixes the issue with status not being updated.



    When I try to add my mailpoet form to an icegram campaign, it shows the box “please leave this field blank”. How do I get rid of that?

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