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    Hi Team, thank you for your efforts.

    I have just one small request that I hope isn’t taken personally.

    The wording used on the GDPR checkbox page is not good at all and the repeated use of the word ‘info’ as opposed to ‘information’, does not give a very professional impression.

    Is there any way that this can be edited in the dashboard please?


    Thank you once again.

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  • Hi, I support this, that statement should be editable.

    If you are talking about WP comments (I haven’t see this gdpr checkbox somewhere else) my 2 cents (sorry for English): Your version is not full compliance either. You are missing declaring what kind of data (with comments: name, email and content) and purpose ( we can keep track of the comments placed on the website).

    I test this plugin because other solution use this: By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I am not sure this is full correct because they claim too: “Make sure you add a checkbox specifically asking the user of the comment section if they consent to storing their message attached to the e-mail address they’ve used to comment. The checkbox must be unchecked by default. Also mention if you will send or share the data with any 3rd-parties and which.” – But they don’t do it fully (but you can edit it and that you don’t share this with other parties f.e. mailchimp) There are other issues, it was just example.

    What is correct and unique for this plugin is: Statement, checkbox with value I agree. Only missing part is that mention about 3rd-parties.

    I think all texts should be editable. For instance I dropped Jetpack/Disqus commenting systems in order to keep comments locally at all times. So I do not send them to third parties and I do not want this section mentioned. Others will need it.

    A particular case about Akismet, the comment (also personal data?) is sent to Akismet servers to process it for antispam purposes. However this would not require consent in my opinion because it is a legitimate interest of protectig the website. But since the transfer is done the transfer must be listed into the Privacy Policy.

    There are many many subtle details with GDPR. I would find it useful if we could share our implementation just to see what I missed and offer what I did good to others.

    One more gray area: the comment itself does not contain personal data and is not subject of consent. However the visitor might have the initiative to write down his personal data inside (maybe just to troll the webmaster) so something must be said. Already the consent information takes more space than the comment form itself, I do not really know where are we going with the UI usability…

    As a suggestion I would move the checkbox at the top, to be under the comment form, very close, not after some long paragraph because the user will miss there is another checkbox to take care of…

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    Great points. Thank you. I totally forgot about Akismet. About third parties – If I take email from comment and put it to mailchimp list for future emailing, it’s third part, isn’t? I know that some websites do this so I want to clarify that we don’t. Nobody knows if point to Privacy Policy is enough.
    We are still wainting for local law implementation… but UI could be serious problem. For me would be great – just checkbox I agree with privacy policy for this form (and link not only to page Privacy policy but with anchor to part related do comment system).

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    Yes, MailChimp is third party too. But, it also depends on the interest. For instance we have patients and request feedback after treatment via MailChimp and this does not require consent, only notification. Adding the email for marketing does requires consent.

    Plugin Author Mieke Nijs



    Thanks for the feedback. The editable text is on our to-do list.
    In the roadmap we planned an add-on for Mailchimp.
    We’re doing our best to process as much feedback as possible.
    But there is still a lot do to.

    If you’d like to collaborate, we’ve placed the code on Github:

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Author Mieke Nijs


    We added the edit boxes to the new version of the plugin. WP-GDPR 1.3.3.

    Kind regards,

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