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    If I have a recurring event, but one of the instances is going to be a special thing, is there a way to break out just one instance to have it contain different information? Similar to in Outlook how if I open an item it asks if I want to edit the Series or just this Occurrence? I’m not seeing that in the Edit Event area but maybe I’m just missing it…

    Otherwise would I have to put in an exclusion for that specific date and then create a manual event instead?


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  • Hi @kelemvor,

    Unfortunately no, you can’t do what you ask, because of the way the data has to be handled and in order to accomodate potential cross-platform/cross-calendar syncing processes.

    The workaround is as you mentioned — create a separate event for that specific date, and exclude the one in the repeat occurrance for that date.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question, but when I create a recurring event, I CAN edit the info about a particular instance by clicking the “Edit this occurrence” button (small pencil icon) at the top of the event info page which you see when you click on an event in the main Calendar.

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    Thanks for that info. I never noticed that little pencil icon since it’s in the middle of all the information. I tried it out and it seemed to work great. It automatically added the exception to the main event and then created a new event for the day. Exactly what I needed.

    Hi @jgj252,

    Glad you got it figured out!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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