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  • I am using a mac os x and I downloaded PHP and MySQL and WordPress however I still dont see how to use the program, open it or do anything with it. Any help?

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  • Spend some time looking at the codex.

    I spent some time, and I see that you need someone hosting using Apache, or ightspeed, but I dont see why I can have host it. Or maybe its not meant to run together with it but that wouldnt make too much sense.


    If you do have MySQL and PHP running, then please review Installing WordPress.

    I dont see why I can have host it is offering free blog – they are running the software and the host server: you just sign up. You do NOT need anything for that, and you get what they offer. That’s it.

    If you want your own WP install, then yes, get a domain, get a host and install it.

    You can have it on your computer, too – although most of us have a local install only for local experiment and development. Of course, you could turn your machine into a server and host yourself, however I think that’s too much for you at this moment…

    Thanks. So does that mean that that if I ever want to upgrade from that I would have to go to an outside host?


    Going from to you own hosted version is not an “upgrade” – technically. It is a move.

    Upgrade is when you update your own WP install, let’s say from version XX.0 to XX.1.

    And having a blog or having your own hosted blog are two different animals, despite the similarties in the names. So, don’t mix them. However, you can export your content from a blog to your own hosted blog (there is an export/import tool).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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