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  • Hey Folks.

    I’ve been wondering if I can do a few things with normal wordpress plugins.

    I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me answers, or point me in the right direction.

    1) Can I apply ‘tags’ to individual ‘pages’, then create a tag cloud of most popular tags used throughout every page ?

    2) Can I apply a rating system to individual pages / or individual items (ie, Mp3s or Jpegs) then create chart lists on another separate page from results ?

    3) When using one of the many Flickr plugins, can I pull in thumbnails on multiple pages? (According to these particular attributes;

    – Flickr Pool (Group)
    – and then 2 or 3 separate tags contained within a photo)

    4) Is there anything out there to ‘track individual views or clicks’ of each page or item? So I can then create a list chart of the most viewed items …..?



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  • #1 – Ultimate Tag Warrior and others, check Plugins.

    The rest I couldn’t help you with.

    Thanks very much man, I’ll look into that.

    Anyone else got any idea about the other stuff ?




    vkaryl is female. Check the plugins page she linked to.

    What is it about my nick that people think I’m a guy? Eh…. weird.

    Anyway, yes, there are dozens of plugins listed (with a fair amount of info on what they do) on the page to which I linked. And there are links to other repositories from there as well. You should be able to discover plugins to help with your other needs there.

    And I apologize for the brevity of my earlier reply – the shrimp was ready to eat, as opposed to burnt.





    dont you know that nearly all people on the net are guys? 😛 its the most common assumption there is, imo. females just dont get that techy stuff *sigh*

    ive been repeatedly refered to as male all over the net, and the more tech-sounding my reply/post the more chance it happens.

    Conversely, if I ‘bitch’ I’m female and its ‘that time of the month’. Go figure, guys on the net dont bitch either, I guess.


    [OT]*snicker* I’m sure you’re right. No of course guys never bitch…. about anything…. hmm. (And since I am now FAR too old, I don’t have the “time of the month” thing, thank the Lady….)[/OT]

    thanks for the advice, i apologise for assuming, tbh i didn’t even think that much into it. i promise not to jump to conclusions in future 😀

    #1) since i could not get ultimate tag warrior to become visible in my plugin menu i have been playing around with a plug = Jerome’s Keywords. The documentation and links to this plugin might also answer #2.

    Whooami’s a GIRL?!?!??!?!



    ronchicago, I’ve never used Jerome’s myself, UTW’s the only one I ever used (and that was for a brief while a year ago or so, I don’t think the whole tagging thing has much intrinsic value really) – I know a couple of people who use it though and they think it’s better than UTW overall.

    I use Jerome’s Keywords and created a tag cloud with it on the sidebar. You can see it here: I used it instead of UTW because it seemed questionable as to how compatible UTW is with 2.1 and I didn’t want to take any chances. But Jerome’s Keywords works great and does the job.

    Regarding #4 about tracking clicks, you can use Google Analytics with your WP blog. First sign up for Analytics. Then install the (Google Analytics plugin . Follow the instructions to enter your Analytics code in the plugin, and you’re good to go.

    I’d build a custom Flickr badge to put certain types of photos places. It’s java Script, so you don’t need a plug-in and you can pick by pool, set, or tag. Do the HTML version and you can edit it to make it look how you want.

    I used it on my site to pull 3 different sets (I’m using 3 different Flickr badges). No WP plug-in required!

    i have asked so many questions the past 2-3 days i had to go back to my profile to find unresolved items. I am back to tags/clouds, etc. again. thank you for all the comments! a flicker “badge” is very neat.

    today i found this site that has many thing i am looking for = three column, stuff on the bottom. does anyone recognize this theme? i did leave a message with the owner of this site asking him if this was tweaked a lot or entirely custom.

    vkaryl is female.

    Also off-topic: I’m confident that kickintheteeth meant that in a generic, humanistic and hippy kind of way. There’s no need to jump to conclusins that “thanks very much man” means the assumption is that you’re of the male gender.

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