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  • I want to make an interactive online scholarship database that students can use to find scholarships that suit them. I want to categorize the scholarships in terms of numerous different criteria, including the amount of the scholarship, the application requirement, required test scores, career/major specifications, gender, race, etc. Can a database interface be designed that would allow students to search the scholarships by these criteria? For example, could there be an entry form (or account logins) that would have the student enter his/her pertinent information and then yield a search result of appropriate scholarships based on that criteria?

    If so, how is this done in WordPress?

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  • It’s possible and there’s a coupel of different ways to it.

    You can set up a plugin that will add the database tables, manage the editing for the scholarships and create the search forms.

    You can also set up scholarships as a new content type and use that to store the details.

    John Parris



    You could make custom taxonomies and use the plugin called Query Multiple Taxonomies to do your searches.

    You can display the taxonomies using the plugin called Taxonomy Terms List.


    Which plugin are you referring to?


    What are taxonomies?



    I’m not referring to any plugin that I know of. What I am meaning is that for something that’s this specialised there’s a very good chance that you’ll have to either write it yourself or get someone else to write it for you.

    Can this be done in Access?

    Probably, but it won’t be online. I haven’t tried anything like that with Access before, but I left that behind a whole lot of years ago now.

    You can’t do it offline in Access then upload it online?

    yes you can, but then people will be downloading the Access databse, not using it like a webiste. Access doesn’t work that way.

    If people download the Access database, can it be automatically updated?

    No. Like I said, Access doesn’t work like a website.

    Unless you can do a search for a plugin that suits your needs and find something that will work for you, you will need to either program something for yourself, or pay/convince someone else to do it for you. It can be done, but it’s the same as pretyt much every other system out there – it needs you to know at least something about how to do it before you start/

    If this is done in WordPress and I export it does the database have to be imported into a WordPress website?

    Are there any other resources you can refer me to to help me build my database?

    Here’s two to get you started:

    Writing a Plugin

    Creating Tables with Plugins

    Just a warning here… Don’t expect this to be as “easy” as Access is. Access is made to be an easy-to-use database that most people can make do something small. The programming behing WordPress, plugins and the database are a lot more involved then setting up a basic add/update form in Access.

    Oh okay. And you recommend I attempt to make this in WordPress?

    I recommend that you make this in whatever suits you and can do the job. If you can learn to do it in WordPress then great. If you know some other way that can do it that you know already then use that unless you want to learn something different.

    I’m trying to learn something different. What are your thoughts on MySQL/phpMyAdmin for my purposes?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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