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    I think the answer to all these questions will be “yes” to some extent but I was just looking for a little input and maybe some suggestions or nudge in the right direction. I appologize if this gets long-winded.

    I’ve gotten WordPress installed and running with Kubrick, but like most people, I would like to customize it. I would like the basic layout to be close to Mike Davidson’s site ( The big issue is that what I want to do is more than just a blog and I would like the ability to add a lot more pages of non-blog content and I’m trying to figure out the navigation and if WordPress can do what I want.

    My idea for the way the site would work is this. I would like to have the main/home page be the blog. That shouldn’t be a problem. I would also like to have other pages that I think could be handled by the Page function. These other pages though would have potentially many sub/child-pages of content that would not be blog related. I plan on doing some tutorials and reviews and would like each one to have a separate page under a main “Tutorial” or “Review” Page. These would be more hand-made, though I think I can do what I want in the WordPress Page editor (nothing too fancy, mainly just text). So my basic questions are these:

    1) I don’t really care to have the Meta information on the Nav column. Is there a way to remove this? Is this just something that can be removed in the sidebar file? Or, could I just move this info perhaps to the Footer? This one is not a huge deal.

    2) I would like to move the Pages to the horizontal position like mentioned above. Is this just done in CSS? I would want it to just be a horizontal bar along the lines of “Blog – Tutorials – Reviews – About”.

    3) I would like to be able to make child Pages invisible in the navigation. Basically I want only the Parent Pages to show up in the bar under the header. The Parent Page would then just basically be a page of links to the child pages with some other info. Obviously it would get very messy to have all the child pages show up. I didn’t see how to do this in the default WP setup.

    4) If I get this set up, then I do not see a need for the Category section to show up in the sidebar either. Can this be removed also?

    5) Can I change the Archive function to show post titles instead of lumping everything into months? So I would rather it be like a “Recent Posts” type thing with the post title instead of an Archive.

    6) Can Links be made relevant to the page you are on? Say if I have a Tutorial Page, can I have a Links Category of “Other Tutorials” that only shows up in that Page instead of all of them visible on all pages?

    In playing with this I have figured that if I cannot do what I want with Pages, that each post could be linked to a Category, and the categories can be my “page” titles. This could be a potentially easier way to solve some of these problems, but then the Pages would not be separated from the actual blog which I would much rather do.

    Anyways, I would be greatly appreciative of any feedback. I appologize if this is hard to follow. Thanks…


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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    1) Yes, just edit your template/theme to remove the stuff you don’t want there.

    2) Probably not done in CSS only. Depends on what theme you’re using.

    3) . Look for the “depth” option. When depth = -1, it doesn’t show subpages.

    4) Themes are text. Well, PHP and HTML, but the point is that they’re fairly trivial to edit in any way you want. Don’t want to show categories in the sidebar? Edit the sidebar and remove that piece. Better yet, install widgets and then just drag the categories widget out of the sidebar on the widgets admin page.

    5) If you do that, then it’s not really an “archive”, anymore. You could write a different loop to show titles and such easily enough, or use a Recent Posts plugin, there’s plenty of them around.

    6) Sure. You’d add something to your theme/sidebar/page template similar to this: if (is_page('SomePage')) wp_get_links(CategoryID);

    If I were you, I’d start reading about how templates/themes work. Once you understand that better, then the answer to most of your questions will be fairly obvious. Start here:

    Thank you Otto42 for taking the time to respond. I think this is plenty to get me started. Much appreciated.

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