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  • Could someone teach me how to display an event’s end time on the full calendar?

    My purpose for the calendar requires that I display the end time as well as the beginning time of an event as I am displaying Astrological movements and the end of a particular movement in the heavens is as important as the beginning.

    Thank you.

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  • I had to tackle the same problem. To accomplish this I modified the fullcalendar.js file.

    Change line 58 to
    '': 'h:mm{ - h:mm}' // default

    Change line 2931 to
    .text(formatDate(event.start, opt('timeFormat')) + formatDate(event.end, opt('timeFormat')) + ' - ' + event.title);

    After you’ve made these modifications you will need to minify and replace the fullcalendar.min.js file

    You can see it in action at:

    Thanks a million. But what do you mean by “minify and replace”?

    Making those changes does nothing and “minifying” the file renders the calendar invisible. =/

    I am having the exact same problem!
    The changes in the fullcalendar.js don’t help.

    Rajendhiran Muthusamy


    I created a function to showe start and end time in the fullcalendar.js file

    // Change formatDates function in the below line….
    “<span class=’fc-event-time’>” +
    formatDates(event.start, event.end, opt(‘timeFormat’))
    ) +

    “<span class=’fc-event-time’>” +
    StartandEndDates(event.start, event.end)
    ) +


    // Add a new function name as StartandEndDates
    function StartandEndDates(startDate, endDate)

    var start=startDate.getHours();
    var sMinutes=startDate.getMinutes();

    var sAm= start>=12?’pm’:’am’;

    var end=endDate.getHours();

    var eMinutes=endDate.getMinutes();
    var sPm= end>=12?’pm’:’am’;

    var result=start+”:”+sMinutes+sAm+”-“+end+”:”+eMinutes+sPm;

    return result;


    With Regards,
    Rajendhiran Muthusamy

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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