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  • I like pretty much everything about twenty seventeen except the garganutan full screen image on the default page. I tried uploading a regular header image and it looks distorted and ugly on the default page but really nice on every other page. Is there a way to disable this huge image. I don’t want the prolax or whatever it is. I just want a nice mobile responsive theme for my law firm home page and my various blogs.

    You can see the law firm version of it here:

    I would like, the default ‘Welcome’ page to look like the other pages.

    FYI, that is just a place-holder image. I intend to put something better there if I can get this theme to work as I need it.

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  • Hello dajad,

    You can hide image from theme customization.Navigate theme customization from Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize.
    Then click on Header Media option and click on Hide image button in Header Image option.

    Hope this will helps you.

    Thanks Saurabh.

    That doesn’t quite get me where I want to go. That approach removes all images across the top. I would still like an image across the top of all the pages just as you see on all the other pages that aren’t the home page. Put another way, I’d like to have it so that the images that appear on all the other pages on my site appear on the front home page. I want an image. I just don’t want it to take up the whole screen. I just want a 1.5 to 2″ tall banner across the top.


    I vote for this. I like everything else about the theme but for an informational focus I not only don’t need a huge image for the home page, I don’t have an image of high enough quality that is relevant to the topic. I suppose it could be done with a child theme and page templates. but with so many other themes to choose from …

    If you go to the customizer and the static front page, don’t select a page. This brings up the posts page which has the smaller banner at the top.

    Even if you don’t have posts, you could do a entry for your front page.

    Well, thank you very much Stilman.

    I experimented with this with my enthuisist blog and it worked very well. I haven’t set up a blog yet on my business website. Just need to find time to do that and make the first post the same as my current welcome page I guess. I also love how if you do it this way you can have a full right hand column of widgets. I was willing to give up my prior widgets column for the elegance and mobile reponsiveness of Twenty-Seven but now I don’t have to. Super!!!!

    The only other thing I’d like to do is get links to my social sites (linkedIn etc. elegantly somewhere on the top of my pages (as opposed to the bottom where I think the built in one goes). But I guess taht’s for another forum.



    I am looking to do the opposite, I would like to see the full size image across all pages, is this something that can be done using this template? I would like to use this media section as a photo album when pages are switched but on any pages other than the home page the picture is truncated.

    Thanks in advance,

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