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    As far as I know, the error code related with renamed wp-content is 404. You didn’t mentioned any 404 error, so I think it is safe to disable or uninstall the plugin. Renaming table prefix usually doesn’t have any problem.

    If you really want to uninstall this plugin I suggest you make necessary backup before removing it. But I think you first should try to disable these:
    – File Change Detection feature
    – Database Backup feature

    The both above frequently can cause 500 memory issue.

    That darn File Change Detection also writes a gigantic log file called bwps_file_log into the Options file, which will add to load time. Size ws more than 1,500,000 and I was only using it for one day !

    I have disabled that option and deleted the log file in the Options file using plugin Options Optimizer …



    Thanks astrasuite for sharing the information.

    This File Change Detection has frequently reported to cause memory issue.

    No problem, thanks for the info on Stealth Login too, which I now use. Let the hackers try to log into Google *lol*

    Now I only need BWS for hiding the Register and Admin … Will have to evaluate it further if still needed



    Interesting, but I think we should redirect them to CIA. 🙂

    Well, they might succeed, and the CIA will come after us for sending the hackers to them 🙂

    Stealth login?

    Hey everyone. Hope I’m posting the right spot.

    After viewing my BWPS logs I noticed log in attempts from Morroco. BWPS already blocked the IP Address, but I decided to try the user agent ban.

    I entered Maroc Telecom, clicked save changes and the page refreshed. I should of left well enough alone. I could tell that something was wrong and tried to delete the text I had just put in. When the page refreshed I got a 500 server error.

    Now I am unable to even bring the site( up. I can access the cpanel and have noted other comments about deleting the BWPS files from the htaccess file.

    Any suggestions? I’m running latest edition of WP as well as the plugin. Thanks in advance!



    500 server errors may happen if your website uses more memory than allowed by your web server. Some of the features in this plugin require lots of memory. You can find more information on:

    Hi, your last post was closed. So I post my reply here. I think this is what you need:

    I ever tried Stealth Login, not bad. But I prefer All In One WP Security.

    This plugin is good, and was my favorite. Unfortunately, many known issues still not fixed. I now use All In One WP Security & Firewall, full featured, less issue, great support from developer.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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