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  • by using “PhpMyAdmin”, I checked my database. In “wpblog_comments”, I found there are many comments marked as “spam”. I want delete these ones but have no experience. Could you tell me if it’s safe that I delete these items in “PhpMyAdmin”? Thanks:-P

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  • Why not delete them from your WordPress admin panel?

    When moderate the comments in the WordPress admin panel, i have marked these comments as “spam”. So I can’t see them at all in the WordPress admin panel. That’s why I want delete them from tool PhpMyAdmin. I just want to know whether it’s safe to delete them directly from the database. thanks

    Does anybody can answer this question? Thank you very much

    Yes, it is safe. Execute this query, assuming your “comments” tables is called wp_comments:

    delete from wp_comments where comment_approved = 'spam';

    have you tried using the Akismet plugin yet?

    Thanks. Done.

    I’m not using Akismet plugin but using “Anti Spam Image” plugin, which inserts a security image for the WP comment page, requiring the poster to enter the right characters in the image. (By Krazy Nio) .After using this “Anti Spam Image”, now spam decreased largely.

    Thanks for the tip, but that plugin page is down. I’m using another one with smart captcha, which is nice.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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