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  • Yes you can. In the img tag in your index php define a class. eg class=”logo”.
    In your wp-layout css style the class eg .logo {padding-top: 20px;}
    The padding-top will drive the logo down to the required position. HTH. Welcome to WP. Cool looking blog. 😉

    Thanks Root, but that didnt work…..I did learn that the . before logo or whatever defines it as a class (I couldnt figure out why the padding wasnt doing anything at first so I put a # before it, then found the . is the key) so thats cool.
    Anyway, that just added a padding between the rap border and the top of the logo…
    Any other suggestions?
    And thanks for the compliment…its been a long hard lesson, but made easier by NSX and Laughing Lizzard and others on here

    Oh, Root, your post also made me look up HTH…so Ive learned 2 things from your post 🙂

    Sorry. That should be margin-top. I have had a long day too. You should be motoring now.

    Thanks root, but that didnt work eiter…it did the same as the padding and just pushed the whole site down….

    I have had another look. This time at the index.php in more detail. This is definitely the heads up:-). That darn logo image is in an h1 tag of all things. This is wrong. H1 is strictly text. (we are not talking Farhner image relacement here). It is clearly causing you all kinds of problems. Get it out of the h1 and
    float: left; margin-top; as required. HTH (Finally). Still looks cool.

    I think I took it out, but now i am totally lost…..the rap border isnt working , and im not too sure where I am supposed to put the image…in the css header? how will i make it link back to home? I appreciate your help

    I hope I am not confusing you. It is difficult to judge how much detail you need.
    At the moment you currently have an h1 header open. No header in it and no closing h1 tag. For the time being delete it.
    The image should be inserted using img src etc plus class=”logo”.
    Then in wp-layout.css (I am presuming you are using a text editor not the template – no probs if you are but it is easier to use say Textpad the ftp) but back to wp-layout- just add a class by adding
    .logo{margin-top: 20px;}.
    So in summary. Insert image and define the class in index. In the css style the class for the image. I am sure we’ll do it. You can check my blog a very new work in progress with the css in the index at
    here. I use floated images in my posts. Sometimes. Have a look.

    I know your probably refreshing my site, watching me screw up every 20 seconds! hehe
    Ya, im totally new to all this….my question next is where do I insert the image in the index? I just plopped it in there but it is now not inside my rap???
    I do appreciate it!

    hold up, I think im getting it!

    This is Houston. You are looking good. Just a bit of fine tuning from here.

    Houston, my damnproblem is back….now looking almost right, cleaned it up as you instructed me, but that damn thing will not scoot down without just moving the rest down with it….geez!

    Fine. In your css the .logo is coming on but has two typos in it. One has px and no value, one (padding) is unnecessary. Just fine tuning but it is disturbing the image position. You are now right on the money.

    it just aint working for me…i put a 50px top so you can see what i mean

    OK. This is not semantic and might temporarily break validation but you could take out the height and width for the img as a test. Something wierd is happening.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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