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  • I searched some, and the “howto” link on is broken or something, so thought I’d just ask here. I’m sure someone has already done it, so mainly I’m looking at getting pointed in the right direction. Anyway…

    I’m interested if it’s possible to write my own “update services” link that I could point my WordPress to to respond to a ping. Ultimately – here’s what I want:

    I’m wanting to try some basic Facebook application programming. I was thinking about an app that I could write in my wordpress blog, and it would ping my own update service (which would be part of the Facebook app), and in turn post an update on the FB service with a link to my post, maybe a summary, too, etc.

    I know there are already some apps on there that do this, as I added one awhile back. But it seemed to feed links to my posts through itself (a redirect I think?) and I’d like to use this as a learning experience.

    I’ve played with the FB framework a little, and think I’ve got an idea on how that would work. I think my “app” would essentially have to be tied into a XML-RPC update service that I host myself. I’d create a unique ID, which would create a unique update service address, which I’d put in my WordPress settings. Then, when I write a post, it pings that address, which is tied to a FB profile, and does whatever it does?

    So my question is, how do I go about making this update service ping handling thing? I’m not sure how exactly the “ping” happens, or how the whole service works in the first place I guess. Are there any tutorials around or something? Thanks for any info!

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