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    Hi, working for a nonprofit that helps disabled people find employment. So they are holding two conferences one for employers and one for the disabled. Also there are various ‘types’ of attendees. There are vendors and counselors, as well as participants. I played around with using a form that has something like “If you are a vendor fill out this section” for the various types of people attending. But as there will be two separate events I was wondering if I can create two databases or two forms that save to the same database that I can sort on to provide to the group when done?
    Thank you.

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    Certainly this is possible, you can define which fields are presented in the signup form using the “fields” attribute in the signup shortcode. By adding a hidden field that records which page the form was on, you can tell which form they filled out, and hence what kind of signup it was. The means to do that are outlined here, under “Determining Which Fields are Shown by Each Shortcode” and “Hidden Fields”.

    Thank you. So if I understand this, if I wanted an Employers sign up form and a participants form. And on the participants form I need to ask if they need Braille for printed materials. I will create a field called braille with yes or no drop down.

    Then on
    Employer Sign up page

    [pdb_signup fields=”first_name,last_name,address,city,country,email,newsletter”]

    and another page for users with this:
    Participant sign up page:

    [pdb_signup fields=”first_name,last_name,address,city,country,email,newsletter,braille”]

    And I can include a hidden field to know which page they are coming from.

    Again thank you xnau

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    Looks like you got it…great.

    Hi, I’m working on this and am running into a bit of a problem. I want to 1. have folks sign up who are looking for work and face issues with disabilities. 2. I want another sign up form for employers who would be willing to hire folks with disabilities.

    These two types of registrants will usually be coming from different pages and each will have their own set of fields.

    I created a participant sign up form page and an employer sign up form. In the database I set up a group with the fields of Business Name, Address, Contact info, etc.

    I also have a basic “sign up for newsletter” that comes with the plugin. So my problem is basically how do I set this up so when the Employer signs up from the sign up page they are taken to the “Employer Sign up record?” And do this with the participants and the newsletter.

    We don’t have a lot of funds but will be happy to pay you what I can for your help in setting this up.
    Thank you

    Hi, just to clarify a bit more. I have this shortcode on three pages:

    Which shows the First Name, Last Name, and Email on the pages. How do I direct them to different records to fill out. In other words if they fill out the form on the Employers page I want them to get an email that sends them to the Employer Signup form!

    Or, if I wanted to simply disregard the email process and have them just directly sign up right on that page or in that form i.e., they click “Employer Sign up” go to the form and fill it out, how would I do that. If I use this shortcode:
    [pdb_signup fields=”first_name,last_name,address,city,country,email,newsletter,braille”]

    Then these fields show up on the other sign up forms as well.
    Again thank you.

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    OK, well, the right way to do this is to create a custom template. It would check what kind of user was visiting the page and then give them the appropriate set of fields. That way, they are all going to the same page on your website. That’s easier than trying to give each type of user a different link in their receipt email–which is possible, but much trickier. There are no “conditionals” in the email templates.

    The answer to your question about setting up different forms for different pages is to use a different shortcode on each page with different fields included.

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