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  • I would like the user to rank a bunch of questions on a scale of 1 to 5, then the form tabulate results. Tally up answers for question type 1 and question type 2, type 3 and type 4 and 5. Giving each a total.

    If they answered 25 questions with (a = soccer player) and if they answered 10 questions with (b = basketball player). Then the result would show the user at the end of the test..

    You’re talents are ranked below
    25 points likely you will be a soccer player
    10 points likely you will be a soccer player

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  • I would like to do the same type of quiz. is it possible?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello deansauls,

    you can set different valency for every question. You can create different results texts. (based on the achieved percentage points)


    User 1 (90%)
    User 2 (40%)

    Result text for user 1:

    Result text for user 2:

    Hello, great work on the plug-in.

    I also want to set up an assessment quiz with your plug-in.

    There are no incorrect answers to my questions. Is there anyway to make all the questions correct?


    This is the same thing I’m trying to do. I don’t see that you really answered the questions. Will the plugin handle this and, if so, can you explain what type of quiz to set-up and how?

    When you configure the quizzes in the edit quiz section, there is a “Activate graduation” to enable. This will let you enable to do rankings based upon percentages. Try it out.


    Did anyone get an answer on making this an assessment quiz? I like to change the “15 out of 15 answers correctly” to just 15 of 15 answered.
    Can’t seem to locate the file where to change that. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Very good plug-in but I also would like to make an assessment quiz where every question is correct.


    How often do you go to gym?
    1-Everyday (this answer 5 points)
    2-Twice a a week (this answer 4 points)
    3-Once a week (this answer 3 points)
    4-Never (this answer 1 point)

    I also need help with this. Is there anyone out there that I could pay to set up a quiz for me?

    I ended up creating the assessment in “contact form 7”. This plugin is great as an actual quiz tool, but as an assessment, it is easier to create your own functionality. My client needed people’s name, email and phone# along with the results of the assessment. Got it accomplished.

    Wesarch, if you want me to help, I can.

    I tried many plugins and finally I’m using Watu. You can create assessment quizzes with that plugin

    Thanks, Danicra. That helps!

    Colour Infusion, I would love to talk with you about this. Will you send me your contact info using my contact form at


    Plugin Author xeno010



    Assessment comes in Version 0.24


    Thanks xeno010,

    When will Version 0.24 be available?

    Plugin Author xeno010


    In 4-7 days

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