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  • Nate


    Matt, I’m looking for the same thing. Are you having any luck at all yet?

    No, no word from Firestorm, and I haven’t made any progress.

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    Hi Matt & Nate, have you tried using the Custom Fields?

    Yes, I have custom fields set up, and data in those for my listings. But I can’t figure out how to sort by those fields, or create some view where custom field value = x. Any help?

    I think I have the same probelm…

    Is it possible to do this with filters? Logically, it seems like that would be the way to do it, but I havent been able to get it to work yet. It always says there are no results even if I know there are.

    For example, if you create a custom field called Property Type (Residential, Commercial, etc), and then you create a filter to show listings that have the property type defined as Residential, it should show you Listings that have that property type… but it doesnt seem to. It always no results.

    Any ideas?

    Any help, @firestorm? Pretty please? Your custom fields seem like a great idea and we used your plugin based on those, but actually being able to sort by those fields is critical.

    I’m having the exact same issue. I need the functionality of breaking down listings by type for the plugin to be of any use at all to the broker. I submitted a ticket on their site on the 4th but am yet to receive a reply.

    I create the filters and paste them in a way that feels correct [fsrep-filter-X], but it acts as though there are no properties to match the sort.

    Good luck, Matt and hopefully you hear something as well. Please share if you do.

    Agreed. My shortcodes that I’ve entered look right as well, but I could never get it to work. It always said ‘No Properties, even if I knew for a fact that there was at least one that fits the criteria.

    I logged tickets on the site, tried bringing attention to it on their Twitter and FB page, but haven’t had any luck. Since then, I’ve decided to abandon this plugin and use another method.

    Good luck guys!

    Artifakt, what are you using?

    We’re working on our own plugin, after so many fails with all of these listings one. It’s pretty basic, basically just a custom post type plugin, but it seems like it will do the trick nicely for us anyways.

    Moderator: (This is not meant to promote another plugin in anyway!)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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