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  • Mike039


    I’ve recently began using WordPress and I’m presently experimenting with the gallery features.

    My problem stems from what I assumed would be a simple process.

    I have inserted a gallery to a page. I would now like to add an additional gallery on that page, but in a separate frame. So for example you can visit the gallery page and have a link saying page 2 which would lead you to the another page of that galley. I guess it would operate on the same principle as post pages.

    I can’t see away of doing this within the same page. I don’t want to add another gallery page to my menu or use a drop-down menu. I simply want to navigate from one gallery to the next within the same page.

    I know WordPress is heavily plugin orientated so this might be the answer. Still the gallery plugins I’ve used don’t seem to address this and outside of them I wouldn’t no what to use or how.

    I hope I’ve made my self clear. Any assistance would be much appreciated


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