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  • kimharp


    Hi there. I would be grateful if anyone can answer the following question:

    Is t possible to change the price on the grouped items’ display page to indicate the highest price in the group, rather than the lowest price? I can’t find a setting that addresses this issue, and suspect that I need to purchase the “Bundled Products” add-on to solve this, but I just wanted to make sure I’m not overlooking something obvious.

    I am selling a set of sheet music via pdf download. Customers can buy the score and parts ($20), or just individual parts ($5 each). I want the grouped product page to display the price for the whole set ($20), rather than the lowest price “from $5”, which is the cost of only one part.

    Any thoughts on the best way to set up this product? Will Bundled Products solve the problem and is it worth the $49?


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  • Just a followup after purchasing the Product Bundles extension. While useful, it still does not solve the above problem.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to show either the highest price, or simply no price for grouped, variable, and bundled products? I do not want to display the lowest price.




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    These forums are only for free plugins support – if you have using a paid version, please use the developers dedicated support forums.

    Ok, but my question relates to the woocommerce plugin, which is free. I was commenting that purchasing an extension did not solve my original problem, which pertains to the basic woocommerce plugin. So, just hoping someone can help…

    @kimharp have you solved this? I’m also looking for the same solution.

    Hi stoan09:

    Yes, I was able to do it using custom code. It works for Variable products but not Grouped. Someone else did the code for me–I will ask him to weigh in.


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