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  • I find the standard WordPress editor to be very inaccessible for my poorer eyesight.

    It displays text as Hex color #888 — a middle grey that is preposterously difficult to read against the white background. As well, the font size of the editor is extraordinarily small.

    I looked for a way to customize the editor’s font size but I can find only this forum answer here

    This indicates that the WP editor are controlled by WordPress and probably I can’t mess with them. I tried adding some CSS to my site but naturally the CSS I add only loads in the frontend and does not affect the editor itself.

    Is there a way we can make the editor itself have a “large and dark font” option?

    Turning up the font-size on the browser will of course make all the parts of the page larger which then looks awkward. In particular, I’m am especially challenged by the grey text.

    After writing on WordPress for several hours, my eyes hurt and I have a headache due to the eye strain caused by this problem, which makes it a platform that I really don’t want to use. (I have been a WP user and evangelist since WordPress began almost 20 years ago — it was much better for me before this editor that causes me eye-strain.)

    I would would like to ask the WP team to consider this as an accessibility issue for those of us older users and users who do not have the privilege of having very good vision.

    if someone knows if this already is possible, please help me out because I could really use a fix for this.

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  • Yes, You are right. I think the solution to this problem is to use a chrome extension that injects customer CSS or javascript code to the webpage to change the font size.

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