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    Hi there,
    I am almost done with all development part of my multisite network, but facing some problem in core wordpress user role identification. So can I change or reinstall the core wordpress without getting effected all the plugins settings and content worked on.

    Or if I can get information about the files in wordpress which are responsible for user role identification. The file which stores the information of user role while registration and passes that information further…?


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  • You can update or re-install WP core which should not affect your site… settings are stored in the database and will not be changed. I do not understand why you think there are problems with the core. Did you modify core files? I hope not! If you wrote a plugin that changed role information incorrectly, that will most likely remain even after a re-install of WP core.

    There are a number of files used for user roles/capabilities. Instead of trying to identify those files… I would like to ask. What are you trying to accomplish? You should be reading up on WP Roles/Capabilities instead of looking at WP core files –

    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    But the problem I am facing is actually, when I create a new site from the network admin backend, it shows the role of administrator on new created site and new site shown on list of sites in network admin below the site’s registrar’s name. That is ok.

    But when a new user registers by sign up form and get a new site, problem is here. Here I can see the “administrator” role only on new created site, in network admin’s site list, I can see the site name and all details but below the new site registered user, it shows “()”, which is not able to identify the role of new registered user in multisite network.

    This is the reason, when we use Pro Sites plugin from WPMU, which need administrator role to upgrade, not working with front end registration process but it is working well when I create a new site from backend.

    I deactivated all the plugins used in my multisite for testing the registeration process if it was not effected by any plugin. But it was not showing the assigned role on network admin’s site list, so I concluded that it must be a cause with main core wordpress functionality. And if it is, then I must need to replace the concern file which handle the role identification functionality or reinstall the core wordpress software. But I am afraid, that it may destroy all other plugin settings or content on site??

    so here is the main issue mentioned, please suggest. Thanks!!

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    This signup form isn’t wp-signup.php I take it, but something else you’ve added on?

    now, the problem is solved, thanks, the problem was it was not storing the role in database properly, now it is working, thanks for reply 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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