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  • I’m having a rough time with ISP upload limits and I need to keep this ISP. Is there any way to ftp the import.txt from the MT blog and then import after, bypassing the http upload process within WP? From the number of unresolved issues concerning this problem, it might make a nice feature 😉 Any help is appreciated, I’m already quite delayed because of this. I have no issue on my test server as I can make any adjustment I like. Thank you.

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  • Try dividing the file into pieces. That’s what we have to do over at 🙂

    Thanks. I had some trouble with that, but mostly because I wasn’t careful enough to make sure the files separated cleanly between posts. I finally begged the host to modify the upload limits for a period. Since this appears to be an issue with a number of users, I wonder if there is a way to add the ability to first FTP the import file to a predetermined location, then provide an option “import file on server” and import that way.

    I usually would have a problem not with the upload limits, but the restriction on memory on the server and that would cause it to crash, not the upload limits. I am suprised your upload limits are less than your memory limits.

    If that was not the case, having the file on the server will still cause it to crash.


    Hmm, that might be what they finally changed. I didn’t think of that, thanks.

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