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    I don’t know anything about wordpress, but I really like the layout so I downloaded it. I want to know if I can build my site offline before I put it on a server. If so, how do I start building it offline. All I see are php files. I don’t even know how to get started on this.

    If anyone could guide me in the right direction. Thanks

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  • Worpress need a server running PHP and a MySQL database in order to run. There are various “all in one” packages available. I use xamp (

    There are a host of tutorials for setting it up. Here is one – google will likely throw up many more.

    Thanks for your feedback Obscure. I checked out these links you left for me. So basically I can set up my blog offline using xampp?

    Do you know if I can use wordpress on Hostgator?

    I’ve never worked with PHP MySQL and perl. Am I going to be able to do this by myself?

    Thanks again for the help


    If you want to install it locally on a windows computer, then you can also use WAMP. It’s the same as XAMP but for Windows.
    Yes you can use WordPress on Hostgator. I think there is also a 1 click install option.

    I am in the same position as hankasawat… I want to create a storefront website using wordpress, but am totally at a loss for where to start. I would like to create it offline, on my own PC and then upload it. What is WAMP exactly?
    Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wamp is server program you install on your windows and then work same way as if you are working on a online server.

    I have article and videos on how to install wamp server and install wordpress locally on your computer.

    If you still have questions will be glad to help you.


    thank you for your response. I have downloaded and installed Wamp just now. do I also need to download wordpress?

    I sure appreciate your willingness to help me with this =)

    In Faith,

    Yes the 2nd video will show how to install wordpress in wamp.

    Thank you!
    If I have any questions, is it ok to ask you?
    I am VERY new at this =)
    In Faith,

    yes if you want you register on my website and use support ticket system

    This thread has been very helpful. I am going to download WAMP now. I have confirmed with Hostgator that they do support wordpress and that it supposedly is very easy to install. My question now is; if I set everything up on WAMP is it going to be easy to get onto Hostgator. Still not clear on how that is going to work. Peace.

    Yes You can set it all up and once you are satisfied and you want to put wordpress on hostgator then follow instruction here how to move wordpress.
    install wordpress and just upload the theme on server in wp-content/themes folder

    I don’t know if you can help me, but I clearly want to put my wordpress website in an offline mode while I can still build it and access it’s frontend with a different extension. Is it possible to do that? Normally with my non wordpress websites I use to put an empty index.html file in the root folder where index.php is. And by priority my server won’t display my front-end. I want to do the same thing with wordpress. Any help would be very appreciated.

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    John, please start a new thread for your question.

    You can install wordpress in folder and when you ready use wordpress from directory

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