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  • I’d like to add redirect HTML to my About page to redirect viewers to the About page I already have on my site, rather than duplicate the content on the blog’s About page. I tried adding the code, but it didn’t work. Can I do this?

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    I don’t understand what you’re after. You have one blog? Or two? One about page for each?

    I believe you will need to use .htaccess for this.
    Sorry I don’t know the actual code.

    But sending any one going to your Wp about page to would work?

    Thanks, the “Turn a wordpress page into a link” page looks like what I’m after. I have my blog as one section of a larger site and my site already contains an About page, so I want to redirect people there. Yes, I could put a link on the WordPress About page to go to my site About page, but that’s an extra click for them, so I think it’s messy.


    That’s is really helpful.. and much nicer than using .htacess.

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    Ok, now I see what you want to do. Using a redirect in .htaccess will make the redirect almost invisible. The PHP function in turn-a-wordpress-page-into-a-link does redirect, but you’ll need to make a page template for it.

    If you feel up for editing your .htaccess file, the redirect format is:

    Redirect 301 /theaboutpageidontwant/

    and that goes before any mod rewrite block. One space between the urls.

    oh oh oh Thank You!!
    I wanted this!


    ok, i hate to hijack this thread, but i have another question about the .htacess

    I have WP in root set up with a static front page. All works well.
    This of course is using index.php

    I want to have a temp index.HTML page to tell folks to come back soon and for info to go to the old site (which is up and running on another host and server at the .com domain)
    And I want index.php to still work for me as i continue to add content before going live.

    So could I do:

    Redirect 301 /index.html/

    and have it work?


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    No, that might give you a redirect loop because I think WP doesn’t differentiate between index.php and index.html, and/or your host might not, either.

    Try maintenance-mode or Theme-tester.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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