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  • Before I go crazy fixing this, I want to be sure it is possible. I have a Next Gen Gallery set up with one large image and rows of thumbnails underneath. I used the following code.

    [nggallery id=1 template=rugs]
    I set this up over a year ago, so I am trying to piece it back together. I have a file called gallery-rugs.php in a nggallery directory in my theme directory.

    Here’s the messed up page. Click on the Gallery menu item to see how it should look.

    Everything is fine until I click on a thumbnail with a link in the caption. The text ends at the link and the thumbnails are stretched out and distorted. I thought it worked OK a year ago, but I’m not sure. There’s been an upgrade to 3.0 and a new theme since then. I tried the old theme and it is still broken on the old theme.

    Can I use links in the caption of a Next Gen Gallery?

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  • Did some more digging. I am using a slight modification of the Carousel template. It almost works if I change
    <?php echo $current->caption ?>to <?php echo $current->description ?>
    The page does not break now, but the link is still not a link. You can see <a href=” . . .etc.

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